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Real-time audiences enable your organization to use a guest's real-time session behavior to determine whether to run the experiment or experience. If you are familiar with JavaScript, you can create an audience template, essentially a saved real-time audience. All a business user has to do is select the audience they want to target when building an experiment or experience.

You can configure a form to display for marketers to further define the attributes of the real-time audience without ever having to write, edit, or view code.

Technical team members create audience templates with JavaScript using Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE).

// Use server-side JavaScript to filter your audience further
// You have full access to the guest context which can be accessed under guest
// e.g.
// Any truthy return value will pass the audience filter
// It is recommended to return an object
// The value returned can be accessed from the variant API response as 'filter'
(function () {
return true;

With audience templates, you can:

  • Identify audiences in real-time and across-time to determine the experiment or experience to run
  • Use in combination with segments or stand-alone
  • Eliminate the need to wait for a segment build to run and update membership
  • Use real-time behaviors as well as transactional history
  • Incorporate your organization's custom attributes
  • Enable marketers to further define the audience by displaying a form to complete
    • You can have different inputs and use those variables in the js.


The user used for tests

User Used


In an experience or experiment you can select any real-time audience segment.

  1. Add Audience
Add Audience
  1. Click Real-time Audience
Click Audience
  1. Choose your template
Choose Template
  1. Complete the needed fields and save
Complete Fields

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